Tips to Prevent Acne

Acne is so annoying and painful. It makes you look unattractive although you may own a pretty face. It is not an easy task to maintain an acne free skin but it can be overcame if you know the technique. Acne can be caused by various reasons such as individual lifestyle, stress, inner changes of body and unpredictable weather. Here are some of the basic ideas of preventing acne/pimples.

Healthy diet is the key

Avoid oily foods, spicy foods and fried foods. Everyone knows about it but most of them unable to resist the temptation of these foods. It’s alright to eat these once in a while but not too much. It is recommended that you drink more water and take green tea twice a week to detoxify your body. It is able to cure constipation and clear the toxins that caused acne.
Eat more vegetables and fruits instead of meats. It will improve your immune system and digest system of your body. Besides that, the vitamins of the fruit especially vitamin C and E will help you in repairing the tissues and acne scars.
Besides your eating habit, you also need to exercise frequently. Doing exercise regularly is good for your skin and health. As you sweat during exercise, it will clear the toxin in your body and help you to prevent breakouts.

Personal Hygiene is Vital

Keep yourself clean all the time. Blockage of your skin is one of the major reasons of acne. Therefore skin cleansing is an important part for your daily routine. You need to use the right facial foam to wash your face at least twice a day.

Before applying the soap or facial foam on your face, please rub it on hand until lather. After applying it, wash the soap away using warm water and wipe gently with sponge. Do not directly wipe your face with towel because it will lead to skin damage due to its rough surface.

Get the right skin care products and consult the doctor or beauticians. Use mask at least twice a week for skin care and treatment. Make sure that you did the deep cleansing and remove the makeup thoroughly. Please do not share the cosmetics with friends.

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