Tips of Removing Stains – Bedsheets, Cloths or Carpets

It’s awful to see the stains on your bed sheet, cloth, carpet and etc. It will be a waste if you throw them away just because of the stains. Urine stain is one of the most common stains in house especially when you have baby or pet around. Once you found out the dirt spot, it is always the best you clean the stain immediately. Here are some DIY stain removal ways to help you overcome the stubborn stains.

Vinegar + Water

Vinegar is the best solution to remove the stains. First, mix the white vinegar with water. After that, apply it on the stains by using the sponge or brush. Rub it and let it dry completely. After dry out, you can then vacuum the stain area and the stain will be vanished in no time.

Vinegar + Detergent

Make use of white vinegar. It can also be mixed with the mild liquid of detergent you had. Mix the solution of ½ cup vinegar with detergent and warm water. Then apply it on the stain area with brush and rub it well. Leave it there for some time until it can be cleaned by a moist cloth. For stubborn stains, you may need to repeat applying on it.

There are many more stain removal ideas but not all of them are effective. If the homemade removals fail to help you clear off the stain, then you will need to look for Cleaning Services, Maid Services or Laundry Services that can help you to remove all the stains.


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