Tips on Conscientious- and Guilt-free-Firing

Personnel magazine offers a few dos and don’ts concerning firing:


  1. Don’t relate the bad news on a Friday or the day before holiday, when the affected employee will have extra time to brood about the implications.
  2. Don’t deliver the bad news alone, get a witness.
  3. Never humiliate or degrade an individual, regardless of the reason for discharge.
  4. Don’t send mixed signals by giving the affected individual one reason for his discharged while giving remaining employees another.
  5. Don’t announce to all and sundry that an individual is going to be discharged.
  6. Don’t notify affected employees too far in advance of layoffs.
  7. Don’t expect discharged individuals to behave rationally when they are told that they are being discharged.
  8. Make sure that all written materials- severance conditions, benefit-continuation forms, and pension or profit-sharing payouts- are prepared in advance.
  9. Don’t beat around the bush. keep the deleivery of the message brief, concise, and businesslike.
  10. Have a company representative call discharged individuals periodically until they have secured other employment.

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