Preparing 4 the Holy Month of Ramadhan

Ramadan is fast-approaching. It is time for Muslims to prepare themselves for this holy month and get maximum blessing.

Make Up Missed Fasts

For those who have missed fasts the previous year, now is the right time for you to make up the fast. This can serve as a warm up for your body and mind to get used to fasting before Ramadan.

Quran Reading

Read Quran more frequently and understand its underlying meaning. Complete the recitation and reflect on your action. Through Quran recitation, focus more on spiritual cleansing and self-reformation.

Good Deeds

Ramadan is the month of good deeds. Through fasting, you will get to experience the plight of those less fortunate. Therefore, be generous and start doing more charity to the people in need now.


Ramadan is also known as the month of mercy. Start repenting on your past action and seek forgiveness from Allah. By the end of Ramadan, you sincere repentance will gain forgiveness from Allah.

Dua’s List

You should start making a dua’s (prayer) list so that you do not miss out anything or anyone. Be sincere and pray deep within your heart so that your prayer will be heard and accepted by Allah during this blessed month.


During Ramadan, fasting is not just abstaining from eating and drinking, it also includes the foul language and bad manners. A person’s manners cannot be changed overnight. Therefore, you should change your manners now so that you have better self control during the holy month and the rest of your lifetime.

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