Vehicle Safety When Travelling

Vehicle Safety

It is very important for the drivers to check their vehicle from time to time, especially who was going to have a long distance drive. Check on the safety of vehicle shall reduce incidents happen and to have a safe trip. Even for those who are professional driver, they also need to check their vehicle as if found out there’s any damage or dysfunctional, can get immediate car repair services.




Basic Safety Checklist:

Seat Belt: Try to fasten it and check the smoothness.
Horn: Check is the horn functioning well and loud enough
Headlights & Taillights: Check on high beam and low beam & the visibility of the lights whether others able to see you.
Rearview Mirror: Check the mirror is it suits your sitting height and can see the view clearly.
Steering: Check on the accuracy of the steering wheel alignment.
Brakes: Check the brake power is it strong enough to stop the vehicle, you can try to drive at an empty field and try the emergency stop.
Tires: Check on the air pressure of the tires and get extra spare tires, in case there’s incident.


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