Better Safe than Sorry


Keep your kids safe and sound wherever they are. Try these suggestions:

At home: Set up fire and carbon monoxide detectors on each floor of the house and check them regularly.

In the car: Instruct your children to use seat belts all the time. Kids below 12 years of age should always stay in the back seat.

At play: Insist that your child wear a well-fitting helmet when cycling and proper protective gear when participating in sports activities.

With friends: Discuss and roleplay ways to cope with peer pressure to engage in sex, drink alcohol, smoke, take drugs, steal or gamble.

In life: Practice what you preach and become the best role model for your youngsters.

In cyberspace: Surf the Net with your kids and teach them how to navigate it safely and to call your attention should anything online make them uncomfortable or afraid.

(HealthToday, Dec 06-07)

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