Making Your Kitchen Kid-friendly

Ensuring your kitchen is childproof is essential for proper safety. Taking a few small precautions can eliminate unnecessary accidents. Also, providing children with their own kitchen space can make the time spent with your child more enjoyable. The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) in the U.S. has developed a short list of ideas to make your kitchen more kid-friendly.

  1. Put all cleaning products and poisonous substances of reach in a high cabinet or closet. If products must be in a cabinet accessible to children, install child safety locks on the doors.
  2. Move all electrical cords to the back of the counter-tops and tape them to the bottom of the counters, out of reach.
  3. Remove all tablecloths from the table so children cannot pull and drag heavy or hot items on themselves.
  4. If you have a table with glass or sharp corners, attach corner guards.
  5. Eliminate loose rugs in your kitchen by placing no-slip pads underneath them.
  6. Place kid-sized plastic dishes, snacks and napkins together in a lower cabinet so children can reach them. Having this self-service cabinet will make the children feel grown up and will allow you to have more cooking time without being interrupted.
  7. Encourage children to help participate in kitchen cleanup by purchasing kid-sized toy brooms and dustpans. Also purchase a junior set of utensils so children can feel they are helping during food preparation.
  8. Hang a chalkboard or dry erase board at a good height for children on the side of either your kitchen island or wall. Children will be able to draw pictures and remain entertained while you are busy preparing meals.
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